Organize your suppliers and their products/services, track spending for diversity initiatives, and reduce your overall procurement risk.

Standardize product/service descriptions and catalog content, make searches easier and more effective, and simplify product/service comparisons.

Find savings of up to 20% through strategic sourcing, automatically tracking spending, cross-indexing spend data and organizing spend areas for evaluation.

Facilitate efficient, consistent, value-driven sourcing through standardized supplier referencing and identification.

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The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is a coding structure for standardizing purchasing that brings order and consistency for efficiency and economy. Developed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and maintained by Periscope Holdings, Inc., the NIGP Code is the solution that brings the highest levels of organization and efficiency to procurement programs of all kinds.

(If you are looking for NIGP information regarding memberships, certifications, or chapter information, visit the NIGP website at


On March 1, 2014, all new NIGP Commodity/Services Code Licenses will be for a 3-year License Agreement period. All current NIGP Code licensees will progress to this new 3-year License Agreement standard at the time of License Renewal.

Additionally, Periscope Holdings is offering a 10% License Fee discount for payment of the entire 3 year License Agreement period at the time of initiation of the License Agreement. This discount is in addition to the available 10% NIGP membership discount.

For more information, please email Deborah Hail.
or call 1-800-757-6064. Thank you.

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